Can Making

Can Making


Refractron’s zirconia ceramics are harder than steel and chrome alloys and, since they do not have a binder phase, are much more corrosion resistant than tungsten carbide (WC). Our zirconias have a pristine structure, which allows them to be polished to a mirror finish. This finish, the extremely low coefficient of friction, and the hardness mitigates pick up or galling encountered in can making.

Zirconia is approximately 2.5 times lighter than tungsten carbide so zirconia parts will put less stress and increase the life of the mating bearings and shafts.

When it is time to evaluate a tool, the white or cream color of Refractron’s zirconia line makes inspection easier.

It’s exciting to know that Refractron’s dies are running on some of the fastest necking lines in the world, but we understand having great, innovative products is only a piece of being a great supplier. We prioritize responsive, personalized service by offering same day quotes, clear order acknowledgements, timely updates and reliable lead-times.

Laser marking provides easy-to-read traceability internally and allows for hassle-free inventory control in our customers’ factories.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Our rigorous inspection process will ensure critical zirconia parts for can making meet all dimensional and material specifications. Before shipment, we use a proprietary nondestructive inspection technique on every part to proactively identify flaws.

  • Dimensions can be certified to .005mm (.0002″)
  • Parts can be polished to < .025µm (< 1 micro inch)
  • Comprehensive in-house material lab
  • Every part is laser marked for complete quality control


Stabilized zirconia is ideal for a number of two-and three-piece canning applications, including:

  • Necking dies
  • Stripping fingers
  • Redraw rings
  • Extractor rings
  • Decorating mandrels