Coal Processing

Coal Processing


Refractron provides smart ceramic solutions for coal applications globally.  Coal will continue to play a significant role in meeting energy demand worldwide.

Silicon Carbide is a special order material, with a density of 1.8 g/cm, for more aggressive applications plus excellent thermal shock resistance.

Hot Gas filtration is a common application for the range of Silicon Carbide Oxide porous ceramic products. They include membrane and monolithic tubes and other components where tightly controlled pore size and porosity is critical for hot gas filtration in coal drying, power generation, catalyst recovery and blowback filter in industrial, petrochemical and chemical process applications.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Alumina is used in a variety of applications up to 800°C. Aluminum oxide demonstrates excellent resistance to organic solvents and alkaline solutions up to ~50ºC (122°F).

Our rugged alumina porous ceramics are durable, long lasting solutions that are not only mechanically strong (MOR up to 30 MPa), but also inert and cleanable.

Refractron also customizes the complex properties of the grain size, bond chemistry, forming method and firing conditions to meet the requirements of each application.

The range of porous ceramic filters include membrane and monolithic tubes, discs, plates and other components made from aluminum oxide and silicon carbide where tightly controlled pore size and porosity is critical. Common filter applications where porous ceramic are used for their corrosion and temperature resistance include: pre-filtration, catalyst recovery, hot gas candles, final filtration, liquid backwash, solvent filtration, air & ammonia filters for nitric acid production, permanent filter media, filter probes, breather-vent filters, coalescing, polishing filters and solids recovery in chemical process, water, food and beverage, semiconductor processing, pharmaceutical and mining industries.