Drinking Water

Drinking Water


Water collected from natural sources is filtered at treatment plants where it undergoes further quality testing before going through activated carbon filtration and microfiltration processes, as well as ozone or UV disinfection.  Many bottled waters consist of municipal tap water that has been purified using processes such as reverse osmosis, distillation or ozonation.

Our UNI-DISCTM Fine bubble diffusers reduce water odor and improve water taste. Fine grain and coarse grain options will provide excellent filtration performance.

Refractron provides an anti-microbial option which prevents the growth of bacteria within the water.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Aluminum Oxide, our rugged alumina porous ceramics are durable, long lasting solutions that are not only mechanically strong (MOR up to 30 MPa), but also inert and cleanable. Refractron customizes the complex properties of the grain size, bond chemistry, forming method and firing conditions to meet the requirements of each application.

Silicon Carbide offers chemical durability, thermal shock and creep resistance for applications up to 1200ºC (2192ºF). Refractron offers SiC formulations in a variety of sizes to meet the filtration or flow requirements of the each application.