Environmental Cleaning

Environmental Cleaning


Our silicon carbide tubes, discs and plates are used in soil remediation processes and may also involve the aeration of bioremediation. Oxidation and soil vapor extraction are also common remediation techniques.

If your application is used to promote waste minimization and the greening of the environment then we can help develop the material for your specialized service.

We work with companies that process residues, cleaning fluids, waste treatment and cleaning up polluted areas involving chemical treatment to separate the toxic components.

The Refractron service team accurately quotes project costs giving you the ability to secure major contracts.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities:

Silicon Carbide (SiC) porous ceramics with a hybrid reaction bond can withstand higher temperatures than traditional glass-bonded porous ceramics.

Silicon carbide offers chemical durability, thermal shock and creep resistance for applications up to 1200ºC (2192ºF).

Refractron offers SiC formulations in a variety of sizes to meet the filtration or flow requirements of each application.