Refractron’s application engineers are looking forward to speaking with you.  We will discuss the complex properties of advanced ceramics and the benefit to your fuel application.  Refractron manufactures seat, check ball, valve and many other one of a kind or prototype designed fuel components.

Our engineers customize the complex properties of the material and firing conditions to meet the requirements of your fuel application.  We are a quality focused manufacturer.  The development of the heating and cooling cycle is crucial as all our kiln fired ceramic parts must attain the same unique microstructure and resulting properties.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Izory®, Izory® X, and Izory® HD, developed and manufactured only at Refractron, has better abrasion and cavitation resistance not found in steels, alloys or many other forms of ceramics and carbides.   Izory® can last longer and mitigates the stress on mating parts which reduces the operating costs on strategic equipment.

Izory® Mg-PSZ is the ideal alternative structural ceramic for markets where a lower cost, strong, tough product of low wear must be used. If your application is subjected to wear and requires contact with flowing aqueous-based sometimes particle-laden fluids, potentially corrosive liquids and gases or involves warm to hot, potentially corrosive liquids and gases, , Izory® is the product.

Alumina (aluminum oxide) tubes, discs & plates can be used in a variety of fuel applications up to 800°C to replace metal, plastic, polymer or fabric. Alumina demonstrates excellent resistance to organic solvents and alkaline solutions up to ~50ºC (122°F).