Major government services especially municipal governments work with Refractron on providing operating services for water and sewer services, waste management and for the federal government’s national defense and space administration consultants.

Compliance with and adherence to standards and regulations is of critical importance to us. Refractron actively participates in process improvement and a vibrant quality management system that is audited internally and externally. Through this system we are ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR certified.

Durable porous and structural ceramic solutions are customized to your specifications by Refractron’s experienced and responsive service team.  We build long lasting relationships with our customers.

Our mechanical engineer can reverse engineer replacement components for any machine.  If drawings are available, the fit and function of components can be verified at the customer’s site to minimize risk and machine downtime.

If drawings are not available, Refractron can measure components via a portable CMM, create drawings, modify designs if required, and provide a detailed report with insight from our experienced designers.

Applications Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Izory®, Izory® HD and Izory®X (Mg-PSZ ) are designed for applications requiring low internal and external surface concentrations of defects and has the best resistance to impact or fracture.

Mg-PSZ is the smart ceramic solution for tough applications where a lower cost, strong, product of low wear must be used.

If your application is subjected to wear and requires contact with flowing aqueous-based sometimes particle-laden fluids, potentially corrosive liquids and gases or involves warm to hot, potentially corrosive liquids and gases, , Izory®, Izory® HD or Izory®X is the product.

Aluminum Oxide, our rugged alumina porous ceramics are durable, long lasting solutions that are not only mechanically strong (MOR up to 30 MPa), but also inert and cleanable

Refractron is the leading manufacturer of fine ceramic bubble diffusers for water treatment. Our products have been used around the world to transfer gas into liquid—aerating waste water, oxygenating lakes, and oxidizing impurities in water with ozone.  Ozone Diffusion requires UNI-DISCTM,  the Fine bubble diffusers.

Our UNI-DISCTM Fine bubble diffusers reduce water odor and improve water taste. Fine grain and coarse grain options will provide excellent filtration performance.

Refractron provides an anti-microbial option which prevents the growth of bacteria within the water.