Printing presses are precise instruments: some presses may weigh several tons but contain parts made to tolerances of thousandths of millimeters.   Refractron has a comprehensive machine shop containing advanced CNC equipment producing parts machined to ensure exact dimensions.

Quality control checks are performed on parts frequently during the manufacturing process, including a materials testing lab, to ensure that performance specifications are met.

Refractron’s experienced mechanical Engineer can reverse engineer replacement components for any machine.  If drawings are available, the fit and function of components can be verified at the customer’s site to minimize risk and machine downtime.

If drawings are not available, Refractron can measure components via a portable CMM, create drawings, modify designs if required, and provide a detailed report with insight from our experienced designers.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Alumina demonstrates excellent resistance to organic solvents and alkaline solutions up to ~50ºC (122°F).  Our rugged alumina porous ceramics are durable, long lasting solutions that are not only mechanically strong (MOR up to 30 MPa), but also inert and cleanable. Refractron customizes the complex properties of the grain size, bond chemistry, forming method and firing conditions to meet the requirements of each application

Izory®, Izory® X, and Izory® HD, developed and manufactured only at Refractron, has better abrasion and cavitation   resistance not found in steels, alloys or many other forms of ceramics and carbides.   Izory® can last longer and mitigates the stress on mating parts which reduces the operating costs on strategic equipment.