Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper


The pulp and paper production process involves preparation of raw materials, the pulping operation, and the wet end and dry end operations of the papermaking machine. Wood is cleansed, cut, and sorted by size. The pulping operation breaks down the wood, separating the cellulose fibers from other impurities. Pulping involves a variety of chemical or mechanical techniques and Refractron can help.

Pulp and paper manufacturing research efforts center on increasing production efficiency rather than new product development.  Durable porous and structural ceramic solutions are customized to your specifications by Refractron’s experienced and responsive service team.

Refractron’s experienced mechanical Engineer can reverse engineer replacement components for any machine.  If drawings are available, the fit and function of components can be verified at the customer’s site to minimize risk and machine downtime.

If drawings are not available, Refractron can measure components via a portable CMM, create drawings, modify designs if required, and provide a detailed report with insight from our experienced designers.

Applications Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Izory®, Izory® X, and Izory® HD, developed and manufactured only at Refractron, has better abrasion and cavitation resistance not found in steels, alloys or many other forms of ceramics and carbides.   Izory® can last longer and mitigates the stress on mating parts which reduces the operating costs on strategic equipment.

ATZ is often specified for the most demanding applications that require high strength, hardness, excellent fracture toughness, and wear and corrosion resistance.  ATZ is a composite ceramic consisting of small alumina particles dispersed in an YTZP matrix. It is unique in combining and further improving many of the best properties of the individual materials.

YTZP Zirconia has excellent strength, hardness, abrasion and corrosion resistance that make it ideal for tough applications operating at up to 850ºC. When HIPed YTZP has a near perfect fine-grained microstructure (grains <0.5µm) that can be machined and polished into sharp blades and knives, blades and valve or pump components.