Refractron partners with you helping to move fluids from one place to another.   Our experienced service team has an innovative approach to your applications that require strong, wear & corrosion resistant ceramic parts.

  • Extended Life Cycle
  • Decreased Maintenance
  • Resistance to corrosion

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Innovate new products, improve existing ones and increase production efficiency by partnering with Refractron.  We are positively pumped about Izory®, Izory® X, Izory® Gold and Izory® HD.

Izory®, developed and manufactured only at Refractron, has better abrasion and cavitation resistance not found in steels, alloys or many other forms of ceramics and carbides.   Izory® can last longer and mitigates the stress on mating parts which reduces the operating costs on strategic equipment.

  • Ceramic & metal assemblies
  • Parts as small as 3mm and as large as 2m
  • Expansive machine shop
  • Laser marking for cradle to grave traceability