Refrigeration / Air Conditioning

Refrigeration / Air Conditioning

Our proprietary desiccant filters drier cores are custom-designed for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems applications—eliminating dirt and particles and removing moisture, acid and other contaminants.


Applications for our filter drier cores include:

  • Solenoid valves
  • Refrigerant recovery units
  • Refrigerant reclaim


The cores remove moisture from the refrigerant by absorbing and retaining the moisture deep within the desiccant grain structure. The blend of desiccants may include molecular sieves, activated alumina, activated carbons and others that are specially formulated to meet the requirements of each specific application.

The core also is an efficient particulate filter, removing scale, solder, dirt and any other debris that may be in the system to protect the compressor, capillary tubes, valves and other close tolerance components. These components are designed and fabricated with controlled pore size and uniform porosity throughout for optimum filtration and absorbency.

The available sizes and shapes are limited only by the tooling and can be in the form of discs, pucks, blocks or tubes.