Refractron’s plungers are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and fine surface finishes.

Our Plungers are high quality & industry proven to boost pump performance


  • High pressure pumps and intensifiers
  • Industrial power washing
  • Waterjet cutting


Our plungers are manufactured from Yttria Stabilized Zirconia ceramic, commonly referred to as YSZ or YTZP (Yttria Zirconia Tetragonal Polycrystal). This material is the choice for high pressure applications that require a strong, hard material with a near flawless microstructure and surface finish. To create the best properties, YTZP undergoes a Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) process. Hot Isostatic Pressing is the simultaneous application of high temperature and pressure to densify the material and remove any micro-porosity.

Refractron understands the critical function of ceramic plungers for high pressure pumps and intensifiers. We utilize the best materials and the most advanced processing techniques to manufacture industry leading ceramic plungers.