Eyes on the Future Podcast Economic Gardening in 2017

Economic Gardening 2017 Listen to the podcast “Economic Gardening in 2017” Now in its 5th year of operation, Greater Rochester Enterprise’s Economic Gardening Program has assisted 93 small- to medium-sized companies in the 9-county region and been linked to creation of upwards of 700 new jobs. Participating firms BioWorks, Inc. and Refractron Technologies tell us […]

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“there’s a lot more world that this Newark-based company wants to get into.”​

Adam Crandall, Global Sales Engineer at Refractron Technologies Corp. is interviewed by the local news to discuss the new Trump administration and how their economic policies will have an impact on local companies going global. He also discussed what local companies in NYS need from their government in order to help support a global platform […]

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Refractron Ceramic Diffusers Produce Lower DWP

Refractron ceramic diffusers produce lower DWP (dynamic wet pressure) resulting in lower energy costs for our customers. The experienced service team at Refractron provides ideas that do more for you.  Contact me today to learn more about what our porous or structural ceramics can do for your applications.

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