Refractron’s durable ceramic bubblers are used all over the world in small aquariums, large fish farms and other aquatic environments.

Fine bubble aeration is an efficient technique of aeration in terms of oxygen transfer due to the large collective surface area of its bubbles and thus transfer more oxygen to the water per bubble. Additionally, smaller bubbles take more time to reach the surface so not only is the surface area maximized but so are the number of seconds each bubble spends in the water, allowing it more time to transfer oxygen to the water.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities:

Refractron diffusers are custom manufactured in the shape of discs, plates or tubes constructed from glass-bonded silica, porous alumina or silicon carbide.

Controlled conditions are critical to the successful cultivation of aquatic plants and animals. Our premium diffusers transfer air into a liquid at a controlled flow rate.   Refractron ceramic diffusers produce lower DWP (dynamic wet pressure) resulting in lower energy costs & higher efficiency for our customers.

Porous ceramic is cleanable: Dilute acid, heat treating & ultrasonic cleaning restores to like new condition

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