Waste Water

Waste Water

Refractron is the leading manufacturer of fine ceramic bubble diffusers for water treatment. Our products have been used around the world to transfer gas into liquid—aerating waste water, oxygenating lakes, and oxidizing impurities in water with ozone.


  • Efficiency: Fine bubbles increase oxygen transfer efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Longevity: Last 2-3 times longer than rubber membranes in continuous operation
  • Cleanable: Dilute acid, heat treating & ultrasonic cleaning restores to like-new condition

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

  • In house performance testing:
    • Permeability
    • Dynamic Wet Pressure
    • Uniformity
    • Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
  • On-site material testing labs
  • Tubes up to 80″ (2m) long and plates > 30″ (> 762mm)
  • Assembled with plastic, metal and rubber gaskets and fittings for easy installation


  • Discs
  • Tubes
  • Dome Plates