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A Smart, Porous Ceramic Solution is a Free Estimate Away!

When Chemical Processing, Gas Filtration and Water Treatment Plants and Semiconductor foundries are seeking materials for components that are:

Compatible & Inert

Corrosion Resistant

Energy Savers

Usable at Temperatures up to 1300° C

…Refractron’s High Purity Porous Alumina Ceramics Check all the boxes!

Our applications, materials and manufacturing expertise allows us to design custom parts with pore sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1000+ microns that can improve process reliability, reduce costs, and drive performance.  We can efficiently manufacture parts as small as a few millimeters or as long as 1.5 meters.

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Porous Alumina for Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Chips

Refractron manufactures 85-91% glass bonded and ultra-high purity 99.9% Custom porous alumina shapes for manufacturing chips. Our semiconductor production cell features furnaces that operate to 1800°C and a class 10,000 clean room.  Tight dimensional tolerances can be met with on our ~20K square foot on site grind shop. Discover more.

Fine Bubble Alumina Diffusers For Treating Drinking Water

Refractron’s proprietary UNI-DISC™ provides a superior product as compared to traditional dome and plate diffusers with its easy touchless installation, longer lifespan, and excellent gas transfer efficiency. Some of the largest urban water treatment facilities in the US and Europe trust the UNI-DISC™ and Refractron for their ozone contactors. Discover more.

Silicon Carbide Candles for Chemical Processing & Gas Filtration

High Purity Alumina - Chem processing
Chem Processing - Sulfur Polishing Tube
Gas Filtration

(Click any image to enlarge) Our porous silicon carbide filters or “candles” can be used to filter hot gases at temperatures up to 1100°C and our high purity 85-99.5% alumina filters are resilient enough for manufacturing hypochlorous acid, sulfur polishing and continuous emissions monitoring systems analyzers.

Our variety of forming processes and engineering expertise allows us to use these formulations to manufacture small 3mm shapes, as well as large plates up to ~1m2 and tubes up to 1.5m long. Discover more.

Custom Engineered Ceramic Products for Your Specific Application

Startups, universities, R&D departments, and industry experts have partnered with Refractron to design and manufacture ceramic solutions such as gas sparging into molten metal, nutrient supply for crop growth in microgravity, gas blending, and beverage carbonation.

Our on-site engineering and expertise in designing and manufacturing porous ceramics will provide custom solutions for your application.

How Does Refractron’s Porous Alumina and Silicon Carbide Compare to Other Materials?

When You Partner with Refractron, You Get:

  • Responsive Lead Times
  • Free engineering and design assessments from industry experts
  • Face-to-face meetings to align goals, and discuss experiences, and technical requirements to improve supply chain reliability
  • Thorough, engaged and knowledgable customer service and on-going support

We’re Problem Solvers With Proven Results

We proudly stand by the quality of our work. Read some our testimonials below:

Refractron has perfected the ceramic plunger for High Pressure pump applications. The high quality, consistency and performance of their products is completely predictable, giving us great confidence in selling and troubleshooting. Imagine a scenario where regardless the issue a customer is having with your equipment, you’re never wondering if the parts you purchase from an outside supplier are working properly. For this, Refractron delivers! And this confidence can be leveraged in bringing new customers on board as well.
Dieter Tischler

VP Engineering, HydraBlast Technologies

“We have worked with Refractron for several years to develop custom applications for our NASA funded research.  We will be using Refractron porous tubes for precision sub-surface watering and fertilization of plants on the International Space Station. Thank you for accommodating our unique needs.  You are a valuable partner in this cutting-edge research.”

Prof. Bruce Bugbee

Professor of Crop Physiology, Dept of Plants, Soils, and Climate, Utah State University