Wire Manufacturing


Our proprietary formula, powder processing expertise and unique firing cycle create outstanding mechanical properties that differentiate Izory®. We know it has to work every time, so rest assured that we check the critical properties on every batch to ensure it has the strength, corrosion resistance and toughness to keep your equipment running.

We value the relationships we develop with our customers and understand the importance of personal service. Our applications engineers travel the world for face-to-face meetings with our customers to discuss their needs and to ensure we understand the nuisances of their processes. This foundation is used to create customer-specific drawings and develop manufacturing and inspection plans at our factory.

Izory® has to be made to exacting tolerances and pristine finishes to optimize its performance. To ensure our wire parts meet those requirements, we have dedicated inspectors to check every part with calibrated state-of-the-art equipment including profilometers, CMMs and optical comparators. The laser marking we add to each part provides comprehensive traceability. We can add a custom mark to help your inventory management and can provide certifications to ease or eliminate incoming inspection.

On-time delivery is necessary for planning maintenance and keeping adequate safety stock, so our customer service and manufacturing teams meet regularly to ensure your orders stay on track.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

  • Experience manufacturing tiny eyelets to large rod rings
  • Izory®/metal assemblies
  • Dimensions can be certified to .005mm (.00002″)
  • Parts can be polished to < .025µm (< 1 micro inch)
  • Comprehensive in-house material lab
  • Every part is laser marked for complete quality control


  • Drawing cones
  • Rod rings
  • Air wipes
  • Multiwire rolls
  • Pulleys
  • Eyelets
  • Spooler guides
  • Idler roller