Industrial Alumina and Zirconia Ceramic Components Manufacturer


We use face-to-face meetings to understand our customer’s requirements and provide valuable industrial products that extend maintenance cycles, drive quality, and cut costs. Contact us for a free engineering assessment, click here to request a materials quote, or watch us in action in the video below.

Ceramic Products


Refractron has been making resilient alumina and SiC porous ceramics for critical applications for over 35 years. Our applications, materials and manufacturing expertise allows us to design parts with pore sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1000+ microns that can improve process reliability, reduce costs and drive performance.


Refractron designs and manufactures precise, toughened, zirconia parts for critical applications that demand a strong, wear and corrosion resistant material. These parts provide reliable solutions for components in waterjet and metering pumps, wire drawing lines, relief valves, drilling tools and material processing equipment.

Quality Management

Refractron is ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR registered. We are a quality focused manufacturer. To service the needs of our customers, our facility is outfitted with an array of advanced equipment to produce one-off prototypes or high-volumes. Examples include a materials testing lab and a comprehensive machine shop containing advanced CNC equipment. Parts are customized with laser marking for traceability and efficient inventory control.


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Durable Solutions for All Industries

Refractron is a technical ceramic component manufacturer for over 35 years making durable solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications used to process chemicals, treat wastewater, analyze emissions, drill for oil, dewater minerals, draw wire, and manufacture semiconductor chips.

Durable porous and structural ceramic solutions are customized to your specifications by Refractron’s experienced and responsive service team.