About Refractron: Porous Alumina, Zirconia Ceramic Components

About Us

Smart Ceramic Solutions for Your Toughest Applications

For more than 35 years, Refractron has committed to cultivating relationships with each of our customers, offering the best, most responsive service possible. Our team of skilled, experienced professionals ensures we always adhere to the highest quality standards and offer the best available technology. We always work to create innovative ceramic solutions for each unique customer.

We Are Dedicated to Continuous Improvement.

Refractron has created resilient, innovative ceramic-based solutions since 1984, offering responsive customer service and accountability to maintain each client relationship with the best care possible. Boasting a diversified team of chemists, engineers, and material scientists, as well as experienced manufacturing, service, and sales personnel, Refractron believes in investing in people and technology alike.

Our forward-thinking attitude and commitment to improvement continue to shape us as a leader in technical ceramics for industrial applications. We manufacture and design porous and structural ceramics for a wide range of critical applications including treating water, drawing wire, processing chemicals, dewatering minerals, and manufacturing semiconductor chips. Our facility and on-site labs allow us to manufacture prototypes and efficiently provide high-volume parts.

Quality Management

Compliance with and adherence to standards and regulations is of critical importance to us. We actively participate in process improvement and a vibrant quality management system that is audited internally and externally. Through this system we are ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified.

Management Team

Scott Bartkowski

Scott Bartkowski


Scott started with Refractron in 2001 as an engineer. Being engrossed in the technical details in his formative years helped Scott gain understanding of the business and built the strong foundation that he uses today to guide Refractron’s growth. His leadership is rooted in the belief that the company’s performance is the right combination of people, product and process. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University and an MBA from Wesleyan College.

Darrell Johanneman

Darrell Johanneman


Darrell has a BS in Accounting from St. John Fisher College. He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a member of the Institute of Management Accountants. Darrell’s financial acumen and fiscal expertise form a sound basis for Refractron’s growth. He has been with Refractron since 2012, and his skills are a welcome contribution to the company’s success.

Nate Sonneville

Nate Sonneville

Director of Engineering

Nate has been an integral part of the team at Refractron since 2003. He guides our engineering and product development efforts and works closely with our machinists, technicians, and sales group to ensure customer expectations are met. Nate has a Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University.

Adam Osekoski

Adam Osekoski

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Adam has worked closely as a liaison between Refractron’s customers and its internal team to develop and align ceramic based solutions that help them save money, improve product quality and bolster their supply chain. He has spent his career in applications, sales, and sales management and has been guiding Refractron’s sales & marketing efforts since 2012. Adam has a Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University.

Our History

Refractron was established in 1984 by Bob Stanton and his business partners in Newark, NY. This privately held company manufactured ceramic products based on technology purchased from the Carborundum Company and the active filter dryer technology of Tetron, Inc. Under the guidance of its management team, Refractron moved beyond the manufacture of products from the purchased technologies to become a leading manufacturer of durable ceramics for some of the toughest industrial applications. In the early 2000s, Refractron purchased XYLON Ceramic Materials and Advanced Ceramics, Inc. Several years later, the plant doubled in size to accommodate the growing demand for its products.

Today, Refractron is a world leader in designing and manufacturing ceramics, specifically Zirconia-based/dense ceramics and alumina and silicon carbide (SiC) porous ceramics. Located at 5750 Stuart Avenue in Newark, New York, the plant is home to roughly 60 experienced, talented engineers and skilled employees dedicated to the highest quality products. Originally 24,000 square feet, the plant is close to 100,000 square feet today.

Customer Commitment

At Refraction, we truly believe that open communication is the foundation of strong client relationships. 

We are committed to:

  • Working closely with our diverse customers to understand and develop the business case
  • Offering the best available solution at the most competitive pricing
  • Being consistently responsive, engaging, and accountable with each client to ensure all business objectives are met 

Mission Statement

To provide smart ceramic solutions for tough industrial applications.

We believe in the value and integrity of our products and are always striving to exceed customer expectations with creativity and dedication.


Are you interested in joining Refractron? We’re always looking for quality people to become part of our team.

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