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Aeration Diffusers for Aquaculture Applications

Why Consider High Purity Porous Alumina Diffusers?

  • Fine bubbles with increased surface area transfer more oxygen
  • Residence time of smaller bubbles increase the oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Glass bonded high purity alumina is stronger and less friable than silica diffuser stones
  • Cleanable with dilute acid, heat treating or ultrasound
  • For low pressure drops
  • For assembled ready to install diffusers with standard fittings

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How To Select Superior Aeration Diffusers For Your Application

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Porous ceramic air diffusers manufactured by Refractron are a cost-effective and efficient way to inject oxygen (or other gases) into water for aquaculture, hydroponics or aquaponics. Refractron’s custom, US manufactured, glass-bonded porous alumina air diffusers (also referred to as air-stones or fish-stones) are configured into the shape of discs, domes, plates or tubes. Choose from coarse or fine bubble diffusers, with a wide selection of pore sizes (0.5-100um) and fittings. Alumina air diffusers are efficient because they produce lower dynamic wet pressure, precise consistent bubbles and offer superior oxygen transfer efficiency which is critical to the successful cultivation of aquatic plants and animals.

Alumina air diffusers offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance which creates unparalleled durability and longevity even when exposed to harsh cleaning and heavy use. Alumina air diffusers extend maintenance cycles and reduce downtime.

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