Alumina eramic filters & Toughened zirconia for Chem. Processing

Alumina and Zirconia Ceramics for
Chemical Processing

Why Consider Ceramic Products from Refractron?

  • Resilient toughened zirconia formulations for applications that demand corrosion resistance, wear resistance and strength.
  • Durable alumina and silicon carbide porous ceramic filters offer a cleanable, corrosion resistant filter at up to 1300°C

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  • Face to face meetings to align expectations and meet business objectives.
  • Free engineering assessments with material & design recommendations.
  • Responsive service before and after the sale.
  • 35+ years of experience designing, engineering & manufacturing technical ceramics.
  • ISO9001:2015 certified

Refractron has been a responsive and high quality vendor in our quest to solve challenging hot gas filtering applications in the nuclear waste processing arena.

When faced with a need for a failsafe ceramic-based fuse that would fit within our existing envelope, Refractron was willing to develop a customized solution for us. It is great to work with such a technically capable company.

Craig L. Porter, P.E,

Chief Engineer, Jetseal Engineering and Technical Services, LLC

Refractron’s product lines are ideally suited for many demanding applications in chemical processing and power generation especially those that require severe service filters, pump liners and valve components.

Our porous silicon carbide filters or “candles” can be used to filtering hot gases at temperatures up to 1100°C and our high purity 85-99.5% alumina filters are resilient enough for manufacturing hypochlorous acid, sulfur polishing and continuous emissions monitoring systems analyzers. Our variety of forming processes and engineering expertise allows us to use these formulations to manufacture small 3mm shapes, as well as large plates up to ~1m2 and tubes up to 1.5m long.

Izory®HD, our featured, proprietary, magnesia partially stabilized zirconia (MgPSZ), pistons, ball, seats, and liners are specified for chemical metering pumps and control valves for their corrosion and wear resistance, precise dimensions, pristine finish and longevity in refining and processing of petroleum or natural gas. This unique material offers corrosion resistance, lighter weight and toughness than often used tungsten carbide and a durable alternative to metals.

Our stable of tough zirconia-based formulations also includes HIPed (hot isostatically pressed) alumina toughened zirconia (ATZ) and yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (YSZ or YTZP) as alternatives where an application demands higher strength, wear resistance and a pristine microstructure. This family of formulations is pressed into basic shapes, but it can be green machined and or hard ground in our on-site shop to sub-micron finishes with dimensions controlled to .005mm. We supply parts as small as a few millimeters and rings and tube shapes as large as 500-600 millimeters.

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