Zirconia Ceramic Parts for Service Pump, Oil & Gas Processing

Toughened Zirconia Ceramics
for processing Oil & Gas

Why Choose Izory®HD for Severe Service Applications?

  • To reduce maintenance costs & improve up time
  • Extend the life of mating components because of its low coefficient of friction
  • For a 40% improvement in wear resistance vs. traditional MgPSZ
  • 2-3 times tougher than alumina, sintered SiC and tungsten carbide
  • Offers a light weight, corrosion resistant option to steel and tungsten carbide

Use Refractron to Meet Your Business Objectives!

  • 20 years expertise in manufacturing precise zirconia components
  • Free engineering assessments with material and design recommendations
  • Responsive customer service, simple quotes within 24 hours
  • Ensure supply chain reliability
  • Made in the USA

See Izory®HD zirconia products and production excerpts from our NY factory:

Refractron has been an exceptional supplier and provides high quality products and has outstanding delivery performance. Their commitment to their customers is outstanding and Kimray is able to respond quickly to our demand because of the service Refractron provides.

Jennifer Sweet

Directing of Purchasing and Material Support, KIMRAY

The Preferred Material For Your Critical Components

Izory®HD, Refractron’s featured Zirconia material for many applications in the oil & gas industry, will reset your expectations for the performance of critical components including:

  • Pipeline Ceramic “P.I.G.” (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) wear pads
  • Relief valve balls and seats
  • Choke cage liners
  • Mud pump liners
  • Frac plugs
  • Choke beans
  • Injection pump pistons
  • Measurement  while drilling (MWD) ceramic tools

Why Izory®HD?

Izory®HD is 15% harder, 30% stronger and offers a 40% improvement in standardized abrasion testing when compared to traditional magnesia partially stabilized zirconia (MgPSZ).  Izory®HD comes with the same great fracture toughness expected from this type of ceramic material.  Fracture toughness is the property which quantifies the ability of a material to resist crack propagation and chipping.  This renown toughness, combined with strength, corrosion and wear resistance give it the durability required for severe applications.

Improved ceramic properties probably sound nice, but those properties and Izory®HD’s improved microstructure can translate into longer maintenance cycles, lower costs, and fewer unwanted equipment repairs.  Since it is 1/3 the weight of carbide and ~30% lighter than most metals its density makes it ideal for moving parts.  Its polished surface finish, low coefficient of friction and light weight often helps extend the life of mating components too. 

Our team understands great materials are important, but we know engineering and design support, reliable supply chains and responsive customer service after the sale are critical too.  To provide the best total solution we would like to talk to you about your application.  We rely on virtual on-line meetings and on-site face to face assessments to clarify our customer’s goals, and experiences, identify all the technical requirements and ensure we meet the business objectives.  

How Can We Help You?

Contact Tyler Roberts, Chemical Engineer at Refractron +1 (315) 879-0811 (troberts@refractron.com ) for a free assessment to see if we can help you with parts that will extend maintenance cycles, improve product quality and process reliability and reduce your operational costs.