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Extend maintenance cycles anD
preserve wire quality with
Izory®HD Zirconia for
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  • Double maintenance cycles, reduce costs by 50% and improve wire quality

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Rod Rings & Step-Cones for Rod Breakdowns

Refractron partners with you to replace worn out rings or metal for Rod Breakdown (RBD) machines. We can provide long lasting, pristine Izory®HD rod rings or complete step-cone assemblies to help increase wire production and improve wire quality. Refractron manufactures and stocks large rings for several models of equipment made by SYNCRO, SAMP, HENRICH, VAUGHN, and NIEHOFF. If we don’t have the rod rings that you need, we can often tap into our large inventory of blanks or our experienced mechanical engineers can reverse engineer replacement rod rings for your RBD machines.

Rolls and Assemblies for Multiwires

Refractron manufactures multiwire rolls (capstans) for drawing machines made by Niehoff, SAMP, Henrich and MFL. We have engineering and design resources to re-engineer carbide coated steel capstans on older machines into an Izory®HD steel assemblies and audit existing rolls when drawings are not available. We keep stock of many standard multiwire rolls and maintain blanks that allow us to respond to unplanned issues.

Single Wire Step-Cones and Rings

Refractron is an experienced manufacturer of complete step-cones as well as replacement rings for a variety of single wire machines including those made by SAMP, Niehoff, Syncro, and Henrich. For the most severe applications ask us about our latest material development Izory® HD to help extend the life of your draw rings, improve wire quality and reduce downtime associated with troublesome wire breaks.

Pulleys, Guides and Eyelets

Refractron can help if you have a roller, pulley, guide or eyelet that is a maintenance head ache or that wears so quickly it is damaging your wire or cable. We have existing designs or our experienced engineer will help tailor something for your lines. Our product offering includes a variety of material solutions. Refractron uses monolithic Izory®HD zirconia parts, as well as Izory®HD metal assemblies and ceramic coated metals to meet the needs of our customers.

Why Choose Izory®HD from Refractron?

Refracton is trusted by OEMs and wire manufacturers around the world for durable, cost effective wear resistant parts that extend maintenance cycles on critical lines, improve wire quality, and lower costs. Izory®HD . Refractron’s featured material, will reset your expectations for the performance of the draw rings, step cones, pulleys, eyelets and guides used to manufacture wire. Our latest evolution is 15% harder, 30% stronger and offers a 40% improvement in standardized abrasion testing when compared to traditional magnesia stabilized zirconia’s (MgPSZ) used throughout the wire industry.

Improved ceramic properties probably sound nice, but how do they translate into wire quality and operational efficiency? Izory®HD’s improved microstructure and better properties make it better equipped to resist dimensional changes that can wreak havoc on your process control. Its resiliency and pristine polished finish can translate into longer maintenance cycles, better wire quality and lower total costs.
We understand a great material like Izory®HD is important, but we know engineering and design support and customer service are critical too. To provide the best total solution we would like to talk to you about your experiences and schedule an assessment at your factory. We rely on virtual on-line meetings and on-site assessments to clarify our customer’s goals, and experiences, identify all the technical requirements and ensure we meet the business objectives.
Refractron’s response to quotation requests and technical questions is very quick—the same day in most cases. Delivery times are several weeks or even months faster than some other suppliers I’ve worked with. I have always been happy with the customer service.
Tim Walter

Spare Parts Sales & Service Manager, SAMP

Working with the team at Refractron is a complete joy from start to finish. Their flexibility, strong commitment to quality, and responsiveness go unmatched. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.
Don Ransom

VP Manufacturing, United Wire Technologies

The quotation process is quick, the delivery is as promised and the quality is second to none. Refractron’s audit will limit downtime on wear items that will help General Cable conserve an operating advantage by manufacturing quality wire & cable using quality ceramic.
Tim Jensen

Senior Engineer, North American Operations, Power Distribution, Prysmian

How Can We Help You?

Contact Adam Osekoski, Director of Sales & Marketing at Refractron +1 315 573 1134, adamo@refractron.com to see if our featured material Izory®HD toughened zirconia and Refractron can help you extend maintenance cycles on your wire drawing lines, preserve wire quality, mitigate dusting and bolster your supply chain with responsive, reliable deliveries. Adam is a Ceramic Engineer with over 25 years experience designing, manufacturing and selling ceramics into critical applications like those found in factories manufacturing wire and cable.