Corrosion-Resistant Porous Alumina Water Treatment Air Diffusers

Porous Air and Ozone Diffusers
For Water Treatment

Why Choose High Purity Porous Alumina Diffusers?

  • Fine bubbles with increased surface area transfer more oxygen
  • Resilient formulation and designs for ozone applications
  • Last 3 times longer and offers lower DWP than EPDM membranes in continuous operation – View Graph
  • Residence time of smaller bubbles increase the oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Glass bonded high purity alumina is strong
  • Cleanable with dilute acid, heat treating or ultrasound to like new condition
  • For assembled ready to install diffusers with standard fittings

Choose Refractron for:

  • NSF61 certified diffusers
  • ISO9001:2015 registered
  • Personalized, responsive service
  • Free engineering assessments
  • 35+ years of experience designing, engineering & manufacturing porous ceramics

Porous ceramic diffusers manufactured by Refractron are a cost-effective and efficient way to inject oxygen and ozone (or other gases) to purify water and treat wastewater. Refractron’s custom, US manufactured, glass-bonded porous alumina diffusers can be configured into the shape of discs, domes, plates or tubes. Choose from our standard AF90 micron pore size for air or AF30 or 50 microns for ozone. We maintain a safety stock of many standard domes, discs and tube diffusers that allows us to respond to unplanned basin and tank maintenance.

Our stock includes our NSF61 certified UNI DISC™ which is designed with an all-ceramic diffuser and resilient stainless hardware to extend longevity and enhance performance in ozone. All our alumina diffuser designs offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance which creates unparalleled durability and longevity even when exposed to harsh cleaning and heavy use.

Morrison Construction is pleased to work with Refractron on our contract with the MWRD of Greater Chicagoland. Refractron met our delivery schedule, was accommodating to our customers 3rd party testing requirements at the Refractron facility and shipped flawless product. We look forward to working with Refractron in the near future.

Frank Rowley

Construction Manager, Morrison Construction Co.

How Can We Help You?

Contact Tyler Roberts, Chemical Engineer at Refractron +1 (315) 879-0811 ( ) for a free assessment to see if we can help you with parts that will extend maintenance cycles, improve product quality and process reliability and reduce your operational costs.