Izory HD - Refractron Technologies Corp

Izory®HD (MgPSZ)

Specify Industry Leading Izory®HD Toughened Zirconia Parts:

  • To lengthen maintenance cycles, reduce costs, improve process reliability, and drive product quality
  • To extend the life of mating parts
  • 2-3 times tougher than YTZP(H), alumina, sintered SiC and tungsten carbide.
  • 50% stronger than alumina
  • Offers corrosion resistance that often limits the life of tungsten carbide.
  • For weight reduction in moving parts traditionally made from metal & tungsten carbide

Why Izory®HD is Different Than Traditional MgPSZ?

  • Better ceramic properties: 15% harder, 30% stronger, 40% better in abrasion resistance

Use Refractron to Meet Your Business Objectives!

  • 20 years expertise in manufacturing toughened MgPSZ zirconia
  • Free engineering assessments and design support
  • Responsive customer service, simple quotes within 24 hours
  • Face to face meetings to align goals, and discuss experiences, and technical requirements
  • Improve supply chain reliability

Applications for Izory®HD (MgPSZ)

Refractron’s proprietary, magnesia stabilized zirconia (MgPSZ), Izory®HD , made in Rochester NY, will reset your expectations for the performance of the parts in your critical equipment like those drawing wire, pumping mud, metering chemicals, blasting water or controlling material or gas flow. It can be used to make a small .25” (~6mm) seat or eyelet or a 21” (533mm) pump sleeve or ring.