Toughened Partially Stabilized Zirconia Structural Ceramic Parts

Dense Zirconia Structural Ceramics

Why Specify Toughened Zirconia for Critical Parts?

To lengthen maintenance cycles, reduce costs, improve process reliability, extend the life of mating parts and drive equipment performance. These formulations are strong, and tough and they offer exceptional wear & corrosion resistance.

Refractron’s Suite of Zirconia Formulations Insure Optimal Quality of Your Components

Let us help you decide which zirconia is right for your application!


Izory®HD (MgPSZ) was developed with an improved microstructure and properties which helps drive process reliability, lower costs and improved product quality.


YTZP(H) DARK offers excellent strength and wear resistance and when HIPed a near perfect microstructure for


Alumina toughened zirconia offers truly remarkable, wear and corrosion resistance with fracture toughness that is on par with MgPSZ.

How Does Toughened Partially Stabilized Zirconia Compare to Other Materials?


  • 4 times stronger and up to 3 times tougher than alumina and sintered SiC
  • Better corrosion resistance than metal & tungsten carbide.
  • 2-3 times tougher than tungsten carbide
  • ~30% lighter than steel and ~1/3 the weight of tungsten carbide

Use Refractron to Meet Your Business Objectives!

  • 20 years expertise in manufacturing toughened zirconia for OEMs
  • Free engineering assessments and design support
  • Responsive customer service, simple quotes within 24 hours
  • Face to face meetings to align goals, and discuss experiences, and technical requirements Improve supply chain reliability