Porous Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (SiC) Ceramic Filters

Silicon Carbide Filters

Why Consider Porous Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (SiC) Filters?

  • Stability in corrosive applications
  • Outstanding thermal shock & creep resistance at over 1000°C
  • Higher temperature capability than porous metal & glass bonded ceramics

Choose Refractron for:

  • Responsive customer service, simple quotes within 24 hours
  • Free, personalized engineering assessments
  • 35+ years of experience designing, engineering & manufacturing porous ceramics
  • ISO9001:2015 certified
Refractron is a leader in porous ceramics for separation, purification, and filtration. Our standard SiC formulations range from 6 microns to 42 but air flow and filtration can be tailored with or without a membrane. The formulations can be used to create a variety of shapes, but they are often used to make elements or hot gas candles to filter emissions. SiC plates are used as vacuum chucks. Standard hot gas candles are manufactured with 3.15” flanges, 2.38” outer diameter, 1.56” inner diameter at lengths up to 60” (1500mm) and plates are routinely manufactured up to 12” (305mm) in length and width. Additional sizes and shapes can be discussed during an initial engineering assessment.

Refractron has been a responsive and high quality vendor in our quest to solve challenging hot gas filtering applications in the nuclear waste processing arena.

When faced with a need for a failsafe ceramic-based fuse that would fit within our existing envelope, Refractron was willing to develop a customized solution for us. It is great to work with such a technically capable company.

Craig L. Porter, P.E,

Chief Engineer, Jetseal Engineering and Technical Services, LLC

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Contact Adam Osekoski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Refractron +1 315 573 1134, adamo@refractron.com to learn if silicon carbide products from Refractron can help you improve the performance and reliability of your critical equipment, save you money and bolster your supply chain. Adam is a ceramic engineer with over 25 years experience designing, manufacturing and selling ceramics into critical applications like those drilling oil, drawing wire, metering chemicals and extending the life of high pressure valves.