Custom-Machined Resilient Pourous Ceramics | Refractron

Resilient Porous Ceramics

Jun 21, 2022

ISO-Certified and American-made, Refractron has maintained its position as an industry leader in the manufacture of resilient porous ceramics since 1984.

Our suite of products is made from quality alumina and silicon carbide (SiC) formulations that create parts with pore sizes ranging from 0.1 to over 1,000 microns.

The high-purity 85-91% glass-bonded and 99% self-bonded alumina products are specified, as they offer efficiency, durability and compatibility, while the propriety reaction bonded SiC offers unprecedented creep resistance at over 100°C.

Comprehensive Capabilities Across Multiple Applications & Industries

Refractron has expertise in making small 3mm parts, as well as 1.5 M tubes and 800mm plates. A state-of-the-art onsite grind shop allows parts to be machined to tight tolerances based on client requirements.

Our porous ceramics are used in numerous applications including cleaning drinking water, treating waste water, manufacturing semiconductors, dewatering minerals, filtering hot gases and even growing plants in space!

Features and Benefits

  • High permeability
  • Low pressure drop
  • Chemically resistant to many acids & bases
  • Reusable & cleanable
  • Rated for use at 800 – 1300°C
  • Strong, non-friable
  • Hydrophilic
We’d like to hear about your application. Comprehensive engineering assessments are available to see if Refractron can improve your product quality, improve your process reliability, bolster your supply chain and save you money. Contact us today!