Alumina Ceramic Disc Filter Plates for dewatering in Mining

Alumina Ceramic Filters
for Mining Applications


Our alumina based ceramic filters take advantage of Darcy’s Law and capillary action to remove water.

These efficient plates remove water without wasting energy allowing the filters to work with smaller vacuum pumps than conventional filters. Our inert ceramic filters are corrosion-resistant, too. This makes them ideal for rugged conditions and resilient enough for the cleaning required to maintain optimal performance and cake thickness.

Custom Specifications & Capabilities

Our production team has an array of equipment and techniques to form a variety of shapes and sizes for prototypes and high-volume production. Our capabilities include:

  • Large porous filter plates up to 30″ (762mm)
  • Membrane-substrate pore sizes from 0.1 to 1000 microns
  • Zirconia parts as small as .13″ (3mm) eyelets, or as large as ~24″ (610mm) rings & tubes
  • Ceramic-metal assemblies
  • On-site material testing
  • Expansive machine shop
  • Laser marking on zirconia parts for cradle-to-grave traceability


  • Disc Filter Plates