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The Most Trusted Name in Tough Zirconia Ceramic Components

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Engineers, operations managers, and purchasers are extending maintenance cycles, improving reliability and product quality, and saving money using Refractron’s precision ground products.

Our proprietary Izory®HD , magnesia partially stabilized zirconia (MgPSZ), offers best in class strength and wear resistance for critical equipment drawing wire, pumping mud, metering chemicals, blasting water, and processing oil, while our hot isostatically pressed (HIPed) YTZP(H) DARK and ATZ formulations are featured in pumps and other severe service applications that demand unprecedented reliability, strength and wear resistance

This suite of formulations offers an unparalleled combination of strength, toughness and wear and corrosion resistance not found in other metals, carbides and advanced ceramics like alumina or sintered silicon carbide.

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Izory®HD Zirconia Ceramics for Wire & Cable Manufacturing

A complete line of wear resistant products that will preserve wire quality and extend maintenance cycles including multiwire rolls and capstans, single wire step cones and rings for drawing fine wire and breaking down rod, as well as guides, pulleys, and eyelets. Discover more.

High Pressure Zirconia Ceramic Pump Plungers

HIPed YTZP plungers are a reliable product for high pressure pumps operating at up to 87K psi (6000 bar). Improve seal life and reduce total cost of ownership. Discover more.

Zirconia Ceramics for Pumps & Valves

From plungers and pistons…to balls and seats…to liners and sleeves, when you need precise, resilient pump and valve components, Refractron’s engineers can assess if Izory®HD or YTZP(H) DARK is right for your application. Our components are used in automotive, aerospace, pharma, medical, chemical processing, and food processing industries.
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Izory®HD Zirconia Ceramics for Processing Oil and Gas

We understand that reliable performance is critical for production of oil and gas. Our featured material Izory®HD is tough enough to handle the extreme conditions. We manufacture a variety of components that range from large mud pump assemblies, to valve components to tiny frac plugs.

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Precision-ground Zirconia components by Refractron ensure Optimal Equipment Performance

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Izory®HD (MgPSZ) was developed with an improved microstructure and properties which helps drive process reliability, lower costs and improved product quality.


YTZP(H) DARK offers excellent strength and wear resistance and when HIPed a near perfect microstructure for


Alumina toughened zirconia offers truly remarkable, wear and corrosion resistance with fracture toughness that is on par with MgPSZ.

How Does Refractron’s Toughened Partially Stabilized Zirconia Compare to Other Materials?

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We’re Problem Solvers With Proven Results

We proudly stand by the quality of our work. Read some our testimonials below:

Working with the team at Refractron is a complete joy from start to finish. Their flexibility, strong commitment to quality, and responsiveness go unmatched. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Don Ransom

VP Manufacturing, United Wire Technologies

Refractron’s response to quotation requests and technical questions is very quick—the same day in most cases. Delivery times are several weeks or even months faster than some other suppliers I’ve worked with. I have always been happy with the customer service.
Tim Walter

Spare Parts Sales & Service Manager, SAMP

Refractron has been an exceptional supplier and provides high quality products and has outstanding delivery performance. Their commitment to their customers is outstanding and Kimray is able to respond quickly to our demand because of the service Refractron provides.
Jennifer Sweet

Director of Purchasing & Material Support, KIMRAY, Inc.

The quotation process is quick, the delivery is as promised and the quality is second to none. Refractron’s audit will limit downtime on wear items that will help General Cable create an operating advantage by manufacturing quality wire & cable using quality ceramic.

Tim Jensen

Senior Engineer, North American Operations, Power Distribution, Prysmian

Refractron has perfected the ceramic plunger for High Pressure pump applications. The high quality, consistency and performance of their products is completely predictable, giving us great confidence in selling and troubleshooting. Imagine a scenario where regardless the issue a customer is having with your equipment, you’re never wondering if the parts you purchase from an outside supplier are working properly. For this, Refractron delivers! And this confidence can be leveraged in bringing new customers on board as well.
Dieter Tischler

VP Engineering, HydraBlast Technologies